Mission Statement

Standing to Represent Our Next Generation (STRONG) is an organization dedicated to creating a voice for people under the age of 30 within the political landscape of American politics. Primarily we seek to increase the participation of youth in politics, especially youth of color. We also seek to represent the entire youth voting bloc on policy issues that unequally effect young people.

Current Focus Issues:

  • The Growing National Debt; Young people of today are being asked to take on a debt we did not sign on for, this will cripple economic development in the future.
  • War & Military Spending; While 70% our armed forces are under 30, the views of our youth rarely align with our defense decisions.
  • Growing Prison Population; High incarceration rates, especially in communities of color are worsening poverty, violent crime, which is hurting our youth, our families, and our neighborhoods.
  • Climate Change & The environment; ┬áThe changing climate and contaminated natural resources will likely include major food/water scarcity, increasing natural disasters, skyrocketing cancer rates, and other burdens carried by our next generation.

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